Index of /System ROMs/machines/al_alamiah/

Name Size Type
../ - Directory
ax-150_arabic.rom 32.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax170_arabic.rom 32.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax170_basic-bios1.rom 32.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax370_arabic.rom 32.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax370_painter.rom 64.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax370_sakhrbasic.rom 32.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax370_swp.rom 32.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax370disk.rom 16.00 KB MSX/ROM File
ax370ext.rom 16.00 KB MSX/ROM File
IC125.BIN 128.00 KB application/octet-stream
IC127.BIN 1.00 MB application/octet-stream

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