Index of /Music/Audio FlashJacks/Figthers Ragnarok OST Stereo FJ/

Name Size Type
../ - Directory
01 Prologue (Opening Theme).mp3 4.56 MB audio/mpeg
02 Title Destiny to...(Title).mp3 4.92 MB audio/mpeg
03 Figthing Prelude (Characer Select).mp3 1.46 MB audio/mpeg
04 You_ve Already Lost (Greeting).mp3 76.50 KB audio/mpeg
05 The Stage Of Kiyomizu Temple (Rohga Stage).mp3 4.79 MB audio/mpeg
06 Who_ll Be The Winner!_ (Eiji Stage).mp3 4.55 MB audio/mpeg
07 King Of Yoshiaki_95!!! (Yoshiaki Stage).mp3 4.71 MB audio/mpeg
08 Super Hot Ice (Golden Stage).mp3 5.73 MB audio/mpeg
09 Kiss Of Death (Reia Stage).mp3 3.76 MB audio/mpeg
10 Sazae-3 Battle (Dora_mon Stage).mp3 2.02 MB audio/mpeg
11 The Executioner (Reen Stage).mp3 3.52 MB audio/mpeg
12 Chaotic Rondo (Raltag Stage).mp3 4.71 MB audio/mpeg
13 Can You Knock Down Me_ (Gespenst Stage).mp3 3.59 MB audio/mpeg
14 Venus Of Victories (Winlose).mp3 240.41 KB audio/mpeg
15 Security Is The Greatest Enemy (Winlose Boss).mp3 208.74 KB audio/mpeg
16 Happy_ Unhappy_ (Continue).mp3 270.90 KB audio/mpeg
17 Oh! I_m Hopeless (Game Over).mp3 98.65 KB audio/mpeg
18 Afther The Fight ...(Eiji Ending).mp3 3.69 MB audio/mpeg
19 Dear Shooga, May He Rest In Peace (Rohga Ending).mp3 2.26 MB audio/mpeg
20 New Type, Fukada Gym (Yoshiaki Ending).mp3 2.30 MB audio/mpeg
21 Escaper _ Chaser (Golden Ending).mp3 4.58 MB audio/mpeg
22 Oh! May Brother! (Reia Ending).mp3 4.91 MB audio/mpeg
23 Healthy Is Best (Dora_mon Ending).mp3 3.08 MB audio/mpeg
24 Won_t Be Discouraged (Reen Ending).mp3 4.30 MB audio/mpeg
25 Figther_s Ragnarok.mp3 4.19 MB audio/mpeg

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